Anthony Brindisi Is Not a Moderate. Congressman Brindisi Voted with Nancy Pelosi’s Liberal Agenda Nearly 90% of the Time.

(ProPublica, As of 8/26/20)

Liberal Record

“Speaking on WNBF Radio’s Binghamton Now program, the congressman said he understands some people in his district will be angered by his decision to support impeachment.

But Brindisi said he believes most of his constituents want him to do — in his words — ‘what I think is right… not politically safe.’…

…Brindisi said he doesn’t believe his vote on impeachment will be one of the major issues in his reelection campaign. He said based on what he’s heard from recent meetings he’s held in the district, most of his constituents seem more concerned about other issues.”

(WNBF News Radio, 12/19/19)

Brindisi only voted with Trump 11% of the time. Even socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez voted with Trump more than Brindisi.

(FiveThirtyEight, As of last vote 8/22/20)

Liberal Anthony Brindisi has taken thousands from extremists pushing to defund our police. And Brindisi has endorsed Joe Biden, who’s tax plan would be the largest tax hike in history.

(Federal Election Commission, 6/20), (NARAL, 6/25/20), (Utica Observer-Dispatch, 4/26/20), (Tax Policy Center, 3/5/20)

Stop Brindisi

Nancy Pelosi & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know they can count on Anthony Brindisi. That’s because Congressman Brindisi is too liberal to represent NY-22. Help us stop him.

Help Stop Liberal Anthony Brindisi